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For MEN who wana build muscle and perform. One of the most powerful muscle builders on the market. Nutra Innovations created something dynamic. No banned substances, full label transparent & third party tested. Not to mention manufactured in the USA 🇺🇸 

Turkesterone 1,000mg

  • Turkesterone has been shown to improve performance, increase lean mass and strength. 
  • Turkesterone is plant derived and does not have negaitive side effects. 
  • Research suggest Turkesterone could have a positive impact on natural hormone levels. 

Fadogia Agrestris 600mg

  • Fadogia Agrestris has been shown to increase natural testosterone levels. 
  • Increase in lean body mass, improved recovery and major strength gains.

Ecdysterone 300mg

  • Research suggest Beta Ecdysterone may help support protein synthesis which supports lean body mass when combined with resistance training.
  • Ecdysterone is plant derived and complete natural in nature. 

Lonjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) 300mg

  • Tongkat Ali has been used for centuries to improve male fertility, improve body composition and elevate testosterone levels. 

Recommendations: Do no take longer than 4 weeks without a 4 week break due to its potency and natural ability to increase testosterone, lean body mass and libido. No PCT required and no banned substances.