Body Effects

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Body effects ™️ was handcrafted and formulated by @powerperformanceproducts to be the ultimate weight loss energy boosting and muscle-defining supplement. Body Effects™️ combines the best of everything all into one. Until now, no single product on the market has included as many powerful ingredients to assure this type of effectiveness in just one scoop.

Body Effects ™️ Nutritional Highlights:

The breakthrough was the combination of the fatty acid known as CLA along with the monoamine alkaloid Phenethylamine (PEA). Together, these ingredients produce surging, non-jittery energy while acting like a biological furnace to break down fat. We have also combined advanced thermogenic compounds Citrus Aurantium and Green Tea. These compounds elevate metabolism, crank up the calorie-burning process and boost energy levels for performance.

If that’s not enough, Body Effects ™️ contains the ingredient Hoodia, the number one appetite suppressant on the market to help with weight control. We also included d-Glucuronolactone, which not only helps to stimulate positive mental attitude, but also can improve reaction time, memory and concentration. All these carefully formulated ingredients have been concentrated into a highly potent very effective, easily digestible and quickly absorbed supplement to help you achieve the tone, definition and the ultimate physique possible.