Precision Protein

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals are proud to announce the latest breakthrough in Whey Protein supplement technology with its release of Precision Protein®. Featuring innovative and ground breaking Embedded Enzyme Technology™ (EET), this new advancement enhances the release rate and bioavailability of Leucine Peptides for unheard of lean muscle growth and recovery. 

    Precision Protein® is the first of its kind and offers numerous benefits, not found anywhere else:

    • 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Protein For Immediate Amino Acid Absorption
    • Embedded Enzyme Technology™ (EET) For Increased Leucine Peptide Induced Anabolism
    • Increased Hypertrophic Growth and Protein Synthesis
    • Enhanced Bioavailability & Uptake of BCAAs and EAAs

    The average protein powder works by providing you with long chains of amino acids that the body must break down into individual amino acids via a process known as hydrolysis. When the body hydrolyzes the protein you drink, it gets reduced to numerous different amino acids and amino acid peptides depending on what it specifically needs at that time. Precision Protein® completely changes protein supplementation however by doing the work of hydrolysis before it ever reaches your stomach!

    Embedded Enzyme Technology® is what powers the highly anabolic actions of Precision Protein™. This patent pending bi-phase delivery system works via two separate hydrolysis actions; first in the production of the protein powder itself, and then again when you’re ready to consume it.

    From the second you add liquid to your serving of Precision Protein®, a specialized protein-embedded phospholipid-matrix is activated which immediately begins hydrolyzing the protein at identified sites. EET™ offers more muscle growth than traditional whey protein due to its ability to break down protein in a specialized way that releases significantly higher levels of Leucine Peptides and other clinically proven anabolic agents.

    Precision Protein® takes the most proven muscle builder of all time, protein, and incorporates the most advanced scientific processes to make if more bioavailable, more anabolic, and easier to digest. Your body deserves the BEST protein source possible, which means if you aren’t using Precision Protein®, you’re not using the best.†l