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Our premium whey protein is a high serving count, cost effective protein without fillers such as maltodextrin, fructose or other lost-cost ingredients. You will get everything you need from CRAVINGS as the only ingredients are just whey, digestive enzymes, sweetener and flavoring. Cravings protein is comprised of WPC80 and WPI90. This makes it ideal for building lean muscle and contains an incredible 75% protein, while most brands contain less than 70%. 

CRAVINGS comes in 5 MOUTH WATERING flavors such as French Vanilla, Cocoa Blast, Cookies n Creme, Cinnamon Swirl & Salted Caramel

  • High protein pure weigh formula
  • Fully dosed no bloating ease digestion
  • No fillers, gums or creamers
  • Incredible flavor profiles
  • Muscle recovery, replenish & great taste  

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